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Bug Zapper

Effective, battery-powered unit zaps any insect from mosquito up to wasp size. Safety switch minimises the risk of misuse by...

Defenders Mega-Sonic Solar Mole Spike

Sonic pulse and vibration every 25 seconds to protect 1000 square metres. Welfare-friendly deterrent that does not harm moles. 4-6...

Defenders Mole Repellent Scatter Granules – 450g

Biodegradable granules coated with castor oil as an effective Natural Active mole repellent. Treats 45 square metres of lawn and...

Dual Action Ant Bait Gel

Baited and ready to use dual formula Ant Killer. Worker ants are attracted to the bait and carry it as...

Red Top Fly Trap

  Exceedingly effective. Ideal for smallholdings, poultry farms, dairies - or anywhere plagued by flies every summer. Low cost, easy...

STV 60 Day Fly And Insect Killer

  ¬†   ¬†Adjustable release lasts up to 60 days. Kills and repels insects in homes And gardens. Portable insect...

STV Rat And Mouse Killer Bait Pack 40g

1 pre-measured packs. Chew-thru packs - no bait handling. Natural grain bait. Indoor and outdoor use. Includes 1 bait tray.

STV Rat Bait Station

Tamper-resistant bait station with lockable lid. Ensures safe application of poison baits. Protects pets and non-target species. Easy set-up and...

STV Rat Cage Trap

Ready-to-use cage trap that is easy to bait and set. Informative pack-design with comprehensive instructions. Long-lasting galvanized mesh design with...

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