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Ancol Ergo Cat Brush

  This soft cat brush features a quality ergonomic handle for the groomer's comfort. This bristle brush with ergonomic handle...

Ancol Fine Cat Comb

    This Fine Cat Comb has an ergonomic handle, making it more comfortable while you indulge your cat with...

Bob Martin Cat Slicka

  Cat Slicker Brush from Bob Martin. For times when your cat is moulting, or just to keep its coat...

Furminator Shed Control Cloths For Dogs – Pack of 12

Furminator Shed Control Cloths provide a convenient solution to remove loose surface hair while cleaning your dogs coat. The wipes...

Hindes Cat Flea & Grooming Comb

A flea and grooming comb with stainless steel pins precisely set to remove fleas and their eggs, as well as...

Hindes Double Sided Brush

  A double sided brush offering all the advantages of grooming and finishing in one product. Regular, daily grooming will...

Hindes Puppy Grooming Kit – Slicker, Rake & Comb

  With Slicka rake to gently groom your puppy’s coat removing loose hair and dander, and a Flea and Grooming...

Hindes Slicka – Large

Hindes Slicka is a grooming and moulting brush that helps remove loose hair, gently and effectively. Regular grooming will reduce...

Hindes Slicka – Medium

  The Hindes Medium Dog Slicker is a brush which is suitable for general, regular grooming. For times when your...

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