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Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms   Mealworms are gourmet food for wild birds, naturally high in protein and oils. Dried mealworms are high...

Smylee Pets Finch Mix 20kg

Made from a comprehensive mix of: Red Dari Yellow Millet Red Millet Canary Seed Black Rape Linseed Supplied in recyclable paper sacks....

Smylee Pets Wild Bird Mix 20kg

Our standard wild bird mix is great value. Made from a comprehensive mix of: Red Dari White Millet Black Sunflower...

Sunflower Hearts

Providing all the benefits of Black Sunflower Seeds, but even more accessible! The removal of the husks prevents an unsightly...

Wild Bird Fat Balls

As there are several ways to feed fat balls to wild birds they will appeal to and provide nutrition for...

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