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Millet Seed – Yellow, White or Red


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Yellow Millet – 20 kg

Also known as  Foxtail Millet or Panicum Miliare (Little Millet) or German Millet is the most nutritious grain that is high in starch and easy to digest. It is very rich in
amino acids and therefore used both as food for human and to feed animals.

Yellow Millet is a great source  of Vitamin B which is essential during the breeding season and for rearing young birds. These tiny yellow grains have good protein levels and are  naturally high in iron.


White Millet – 20 kg

There are many  different types of millet that are widely used in bird mixes, white millet
however, is the most attractive type to wild birds. This seed is an economical staple for smaller, ground-feeding birds that have difficulty with larger seeds.


Red Millet – 25 kg

Has high-levels of protein and is often chosen by bird-keepers because of its
health benefits and its affordability.
Red  Millet contains beneficial complex carbohydrates that break down slowly in a birds’ digestive system which means they provide long-lasting energy. 


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