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Ancol Car Harness for Dogs


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Car Harness for Dogs from Ancol

This is a new design for 2010 by Ancol. It has the same strength and performance but is now lightweight and offers improved comfort. The larger surface area helps spread the mass of the dog in case of an emergency stop. The seat belt fits directly into your cars seat belt socket and the harness has a fully adjustable strap to allow a comfortable seated or standing position for your dog. The dog car harness is becoming increasingly popular in line with car safety regulations. It is important to restrain pets on the back seat for the safety of the pet and other passengers. It is made from strong nylon webbing, with padded chest support for extra comfort. The car harness fits all current car seat belt systems.

Small  SIZE 1 – 2

          Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle

Medium SIZE 3 – 5

Miniature Poodle,West Highland,Springer Spaniel

Large SIZE 6 – 8

Boxer,Doberman,German Sheperd, Labrador

X Large SIZE 7 – 9

 Bulldog,German Shepard, Bull Mastiff




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