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Dog Control City Leash


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Dog Control City Leash


6 Different Functions With But One Lead. Ideal For Training Or Just Going For Walks! With The City Lead You Will Always Have A Flexible System To Hand, This Unique Lead Ensures That You Always Have Your Dog Firmly And Safely Under Control At Any Time.

Ideal for jogging, training or just going for walks.  With the CITY-Leash you always have a flexible system to hand.  Whether you like to have your dog on a short or long lead, or tether him, this unique lead ensures that you always have you dog firmly and safely under control at any time.  Rugged metal fitting ensures easy adjustment of lengths and function.  Made of hardwearing nylon material with Strong D-rings and rotatable carbine hooks.  Includes universal car adaptor (for use only when car is stationary).

Adjustable length from 70cm to 100cm * Comfortable handle *  




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