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Jerob Parisian Purple Shampoo 8oz


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This rich shampoo has been especially formulated for cream, silver and blue coloured coats.

While Jerob were developing a new shampoo to enhance red coats, our research led us to consider the special needs of the lighter coloured coats. Often cream and light blue coats can have a dull and dingy cast. This rich new shampoo has been especially formulated with the same maximum optical brighteners as other Jerob colour enhancing shampoos to lighten and brighten cream and light blue coats.

Stains can be reduced by the same method as you would use with Jerob Snowy Blue shampoo.

Recommended dilution: soft water – 4 parts water to 1 part shampoo; medium water – 2 to 1; hard water – full strength.



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