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Mini Urine Finder (UV – Black Light)





┬áMini Urine Finder (UV – Black Light)

How To Use a Mini Urine Finder (UV – Black Light)

The crystalline structure of dried urine causes it to fluoresce a dull yellow color under ultraviolet (UV or “black”) light. Thus, a Black Light becomes a valuable tool for locating the exact areas that need Urine Off.

A few notes on Black Lights:

  • Incandescent bulbs that screw in to a regular lamp socket do not work; a fluorescent tube-type or LED light is required.
  • “UV” refers to a specific band of light wavelength. Generally, urine will fluoresce under any UV light – but some exact wavelengths do a better job of fluorescing urine. The Urine Off product line of black lights employs custom circuitry to produce the optimal light wavelength for urine fluorescence, and so work better – which means you don’t have to have the room perfectly dark, or hold the light source so close to the surface. Hardware-store black lights work okay, but are harder to use effectively for these reasons.
  • Urine is not the only substance that will fluoresce. Some soaps and detergents have components that fluoresce, even after rinsing thoroughly, as well as some fabrics and lint. These will usually fluoresce a bright white or even blue-ish hue, not the dull yellow of urine.



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