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Nurtured Pets Anti Lickstrip Large 1.5″x 6″ QTY 6


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 Anti-lick Strip Large

Pack Of 6 (1.5″x 6″)

Anti-lick pet plaster by Nurtured Pets.

The launch of the revolutionary Anti-Lick Strip Prevent, the first of its kind Pet Plaster, finally gives UK pet lovers an all-natural alternative to clumsy and uncomfortable Buster or other types of collar. The Anti-Lick Strips have been clinically proven to deter obsessive licking, biting and chewing behaviours in pets due to skin allergies, hot spots or post surgery wounds. It’s also an effective deterrent to prevent such behaviours brought on by anxiety or boredom, insect bites or minor irritations.

This innovative bandage has a medical grade adhesive on one side and all-natural active ingredients on the other. The combination of cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano delivers a natural deterrent to the animal’s nose and tongue to prevent it interfering with the wound or surgical site – a safer and much more comfortable alternative to the standard lampshade or cone recovery collars.

The Anti-Lick Strip is designed for use directly on the animal’s hair and is a deterrent for licking, biting and chewing because it contains natural ingredients that your pet will dislike tasting or smelling. It can be used on paws, legs, the belly, back and tail. However, it should not be used on the face. Suitable for cats and dogs.

Available in three sizes to suit all shapes and breeds, they are easy to apply too – a simple peel-and-stick backing directly onto the pet’s hair or skin where necessary. A vital addition to every pet lover’s first aid kit.




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