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Untangler Pet Pickins Slanted-End Tweezers with Magnify Glass Tick Remover




Each Pet Pickens Pet Grooming Magnifier has a high quality 4X magnifying lens with

nickel-plated tweezers, which is anchored to the plastic handle on a
swivel-hinge, for easy use. The tweezers will quickly remove slivers
(splinters), cactus needles, ticks

Great first aid device. Equipped with high quality tweezers and 4-power lens.

Easy removal of ticks on

for use:

1. Pull out hinge-attached tweezers 1 to 1half inches from the lens

2. Adjust tweezers to focus lens while looking at target object; do not pull tweezers out on hinge more than 1half inches from handle

3. Pinch tweezers with two fingers to easily grasp and remove embedded object of use fine detail work!


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