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Vitoria Kitten/Cat Tree Activity Furniture



Vitoria Kitten/Cat Tree Activity Furniture


Cats are cute tigers, which like to cuddle and to have it comfortable. But cats are also small wild animals, which need movement, play and tension, in order to feel well. Cats which are experiencing only few outdoor activities need possibilities to follow their natural scratching habits. In order to save furniture and carpets, special scratching furniture is offered. Particularly liked are constructions such as the Vitoria Kitten/Cat Tree Activity Furniture which can be used at the same time for climbing and playing. Especially levated prospect places and caves meet the sleep and retreat needs of all cats.

Additional scratching mats and boards can be fixed to those places, where the cat likes to scratch most.

This is a great piece of furniture for kittens and cats of all ages to have hours of fun in a natural environment. It includes sisal posts for your cat to use its natural sctracthing instinct, and a scratching curve for hours of fun. A great way of saving your own furniture and fittings!

This product consists of;

  • 1 base 36cm x 36cm 
  • 1 posts (6cm diameter) 35cm
  • 1 bow with sisal scratching surface 17cm x 20cm
  • 1 platform with back 30cm (diameter)
  • with toy on elastic

The total height of this piece is 50cm.


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