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Wahl Clipper Multi-Cut Animal in Hardcase




Mains operated clipper. Adjustable taper arm for variable cutting lengths. Rust resistant, high carbon steel precision blades. Kit includes instructional DVD, four attachment combs, scissors, oil and cleaning brush. Mains operated animal multi cut clipper with taper control for variable cutting lengths. Designed to cope with most coat types. Quiet, perfect for noise sensitive animals and ideal for tidy-ups between regular grooming parlour trips. Features: Motor : 10w vibrating armature (Single Speed). Power : Mains. Clipper Weight : 446g. Clipper Size : 6.5″ / 16.5cm. Cord Length : 2.5m. Blade System : Screw-on. Blade : Rust resistant, Precision, chrome plated : 0.8mm – 2.5mm. Blade Width : 40mm. Blade Options : Standard blade (0.8mm – 2.5mm), Course blade (1.6mm – 3.2mm), Surgical blade (0.4mm – 0.8mm). Kit Contents: Clipper. Standard blade And Blade guard. 4 Black attachment combs (1 – 4). Grooming comb. Scissors. Storage Case. Cleaning brush. Oil. Instructional DVD And Instruction booklet.















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