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Ancol Ergo Dog Tick Remover Grooming Tool

  Ancol Ergo┬áDog Tick Remover Grooming Tool Gently removes ticks from your dog's skin.

Gotcha Zero In Home Flea Spray – 300ml

For treatment of living areas including pet bedding, baskets, cushions and rugs. One can treats up to 15 square metres....

Gotcha! Flea Killer Trap

Gotcha! Flea Killer Trap Poison Free - Attracts fleas from surrounding area using gentle heat to mimic host animals. Safe...

Johnsons Flea & Grooming Comb + Flea Detection Kit

  ┬áJohnsons Flea & Grooming Comb + Flea Detection Kit   For dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small animals. Strong,...

Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repeller

Help your dog avoid ticks and fleas with this particular product. The ultrasonic tick-less repellent has been designed in the...

Untangler Pet Pickins Slanted-End Tweezers with Magnify Glass Tick Remover

Each Pet Pickens Pet Grooming Magnifier has a high quality 4X magnifying lens with nickel-plated tweezers, which is anchored to...

Zero In Flea Killer

7 watt heat lamp mimics warm-blooded animals to attract fleas from bedding and carpets over a 10 metre radius. Sticky...

Zero In Flea Killer Comb

Safe and effective flea and tick control on cats and dogs. Kills and removes fleas at adult, egg and larva...

Zero In Flea Killer Refill Pack

x2 bulbs and x3 refill discs. 7 watt lamp rated for 1000 hours continuous use. Change refill discs every 2...

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