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Sunflower Hearts


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Providing all the benefits of Black Sunflower Seeds, but even more accessible! The removal of the husks prevents an unsightly mess around the table or feeder, and ensures that no seed is missed. Charnwood sell only Bakery Grade whole sunflower hearts – admittedly more expensive than the hulled seeds, but then you don’t pay for what the birds won’t eat anyway!

Feeding tips and guidelines to help you enjoy feeding the birds

1. Place bird feeders in locations where they can viewed from a distance for all the family to enjoy.

2. To encourage other species and to help wild birds in your garden add other types of bird seeds and feeders such as Niger, wild bird seed mixes, peanuts or fatballs.

3. Special feeders are available for meal worm, sunflower hearts, suet pellets, fat balls and peanuts.

4. Alternative foods such as suet, fruit, and insects, as well as water (in drinkers or in a bird bath), may also attract additional species of birds.

5. Each season of the year, there may be different species visiting your garden. These bird species may have different bird food and feeder preferences.

6. In addition to bird seed and feeders, provide birds with habitat, water, and bird houses.

7. Keep your birds safe by protecting them from predators such as cats and bird-window collisions, and regularly clean your feeders to maintain the health of your garden wild birds.

8. Keep your wild bird seed fresh and safe away from vermin in a sealed container where possible.

9. A no waste mix or “husk free” will ensure you keep your feeding area clear of any unwanted and unsightly husk, it will also save you money paying only for all edible product rather than discarded husk.

10. Feed all year round but ensure food is not left uneaten in the feeders. Change your feeders regularly in the spring and summer months.


Supplied in recyclable paper sacks.


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