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Wild Bird Fat Balls


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As there are several ways to feed fat
balls to wild birds they will appeal to and provide nutrition for almost all
garden species, making this a great value-for-money treat for your birds.


We recommend you use fat balls that are not in nets but we do also
sell ones that are netted. Fat balls that are wrapped in netting can cause
birds to become trapped.

great high-energy bird food, fat balls are an excellent treat for your garden
birds. They provide essential fats and carbohydrates to help the birds through
the winter. By providing your garden birds with carbohydrate it will allow them
to keep up their own body heat in the cold temperatures. Made with suet and a
mixture of seeds and cereals.

Please feed them from a dedicated feeder of which we sell many
types or simply chop them up and feed them from a table.

For great ideas on how to feed fat balls to you
garden birds, take a look at our range of fat ball feeders.

Our fat balls are also available in resealable
plastic tubs.



Cereals, oil,
fat, flour, black sunflower seeds, kibbled corn maize, minerals and mix seeds.



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